You should know that you can do this. What’s more - you don’t have to do it alone.

First and foremost, I want you to acknowledge and really commend you. You are trying hard. I know it isn’t easy. Parenting can be extremely challenging and complex. You should know that you aren’t alone in your struggles.

As the father of a set of triplets and a set of twins, I am intimately familiar with both the many joys, and the many challenges, of parenting. From both my personal experience as a Dad and my 20+ years as a clinician, I know the importance of speaking practically to parents. Raising kids isn’t always easy, and neither is figuring out how to care for your marriage and your children at the same time. When I speak to couples and to parents, I always want to give you real, tangible, down to earth advice that you can act on right away to help you feel better, connect more, and enjoy your family again. 

When I work with parents, I see myself as both a cheerleader and a coach.

I want to help you give yourself credit for all the hard work that you have been doing, for how deeply you care, and to encourage you to give yourself permission to be human and imperfect. 

Then I want to give you tools. Not high and lofty ideas or abstract principals, but real, tangible, actionable strategies that you can use right away, that will help you to connect with your child and overcome the challenges that are causing you distress. 

I take a strength-based approach, which is founded on the idea that recognizing your child’s core strengths, and then empowering the child to use those strengths to their fullest, will help that child to thrive and the problems they are encountering to lessen.

If you are wondering how I might be able to support you, give me a call and let’s discuss the challenges that you are facing. I’m here, and eager to help.